The New Beginning

So, it has been a while since I have been on here. I have updated the blog and have decided to be more adamant at updating you on our lives, hopefully weekly!  But for now, welcome to our New Beginning!

To start things off, I should show you why I have been absent from the blog. Our Happily Ever After, aka our wedding and what kept us very busy the past year! 172250554August 2, 2014. The day we started our lives together, officially. I can hardly remember the day any longer. I was told this would happen, but I didn’t believe anyone until we was on our honeymoon and couldn’t remember if we had even cut the cake.  But we did, and apparently it was a funny experience.

us5I’ll share a few photos of our day for now and in a future post will explain our wedding planning process and design.  We enjoyed our day, it was great to see all of our family and friends, as much as I can remember anyways!

us6 IMG_8646 IMG_8490 IMG_5127 us2 IMG_8836 It sure looks like we had a great time!  I will share more later, but wanted to make sure our great photographer Shawna Riniker gets credit for the amazing photography that helped us remember our day.  Check her our here

I’ll leave you with one last photo and the quote that helped us plan our wedding. Stick around for new posts and an active blog, finally IMG_8431-Mumford and Sons  |  Awake My Soul

DIY Apartment Therapy!

Hello once again!

 We have been putting our DIY skills to use and started creating our new furniture for our living room. Here’s our first project!

CubbyThis is my cubby bookcase, I have been lusting after one of these for years now, but wouldn’t give in and buy the cheap Ikea version, or spend a ton of money on the Pottery Barn version. SO… I followed an Ana White plan (and modified a bit) to complete my perfect cubby bookshelf.

 As always, there is Nina, poking around after the building was complete… But here is the completed shelf!

IMG_2981NThe plan can be found here:

Cubby Bookshelf Large

Next we made a TV Console

IMG_2979NHere is a photo of the original table we built; the plan came from Ana White (again) and Hillary From the Friendly Home.

Rustic X Console PHOTOOur table is used as a TV stand, so the original plan was a little long for us. We took 18″ off the length of the console. The link is listed below for Ana & Hillary’s plan:

Rustic X Console

We used a similar stain, they used a vinegar and steel wool stain with black tea. We have tried this before on pine and do not like the results, came out much too red for us. So we experimented with a few store-bought stains instead, great result!

The list:

Here are some photos and links for the plans of our next projects.

End Tables, something in-between these two:


farmhouse-bedside-table-draPlans for the Mini Farmhouse and Farmhouse Bedside Table listed below:

 Mini Farmhouse Bedside Table  &  Farmhouse Bedside Table

Coffee Table, to match the TV console:

3154812186_1341855642Yes, we have made this one before, it ended up being too big for the space we had. So this will also be downsized quite a big length wise to fit our space!

Here is a photo of ours, notice the red tinge, this was that homemade stain…

IMG_2790The plan for this table: Rustic-X-Coffee-Table

Eventually a new Dining Table:

3154826464_1367862553But we have to find reasonably priced table legs first! Those suckers go for over $50 a piece! But she is beautiful! Here is the link for the legs themselves:

Osborne Wood Husky Table Leg

The great table plan: Husky Farmhouse Table

 We would also like a nice bookshelf for all of my crafts

3154806703_1331692317This Kentwood Bookcase was created by Ana White and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic

It is simple and beautiful, very classic! Once the living room is complete this will be on my to build list!

Here are the plans: Kentwood Bookshelf

Lastly on my list (for now, we all know the list will grow) is a Bed!

p1040281This is Ana White’s first project ever, and she is beautiful. Eventually once we move out of our apartment,I will create this bed ( I don’t want to move it if I don’t have to, HEAVY solid wood!) This is the Farmhouse bed, King size, which we will eventually get a mattress king sized (hopefully about the same time I made the bed!)

The plans: King Farmhouse Bed

 So I am excited to create, build and decorate! I will keep you updated on the projects and our living room during its evolution to a livable, beautiful space!

Why, So Katie Mae?

Oh hey there, I am Katie Mae!

Never guessed right?  Welcome to my blog, this is the place that I am able to share mine and my husbands life. This is for family and friends to see what we are up to and to share our fun projects!

So enjoy all that we have to offer, I know there isn’t too much yet, but it will steadily grow and come to reflect everything that we are.  That is why this blog became So Katie Mae, because my friends and family always look at my projects or ideas and tell me that is “so you!”  Thus the beginning of my new project!

I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I will continually update you as exciting things happen in our lives and as I force my ever so helpful Husband into creating more DIY projects for our home!

-Love always, Katie Mae.