DIY Apartment Therapy!

Hello once again!

Wanted to give you an update on the status of re-decorating our apartment, unfortunately it has taken a while to get this little project moving along… But I am on a roll lately! I have been putting my DIY skills to use and started creating our new furniture for the ominous living room / dining room. Here a preview of my first project!


This is my cubby bookcase, I have been lusting after one of these for years now, but wouldn’t give in and buy the cheap Ikea version, or spend a ton of money on the Pottery Barn version. SO… I followed an Ana White plan (and modified a bit) to complete my perfect cubby bookshelf.

This is in the process of being finished right now, I am painting it white-ish. I would stain it… but the rest of the furniture will be stained, so we needed something different! As always, there is Nina, poking around after the building was complete…

The plan can be found here:

Cubby Bookshelf Large


Next on my list is a TV console!

Here is a photo of the table I will be building; the plan came from Ana White (again) and Hillary From the Friendly Home.

Rustic X Console PHOTO

My table will be used as a TV stand, so this is a little long for us. I am taking 18″ off the length of the console. The link is listed below for Ana & Hillary’s plan:

Rustic X Console

I will be using a similar stain, they used a vinegar and steel wool stain with black tea. We have tried this before on pine and do not like the results, came out much too red for us. So we will experiment with a store-bought stain instead. I will post photos once it is finished!


The list:

Here are some photos and links for the plans of our next projects.


End Tables, something in-between these two:



Plans for the Mini Farmhouse and Farmhouse Bedside Table listed below:

 Mini Farmhouse Bedside Table  &  Farmhouse Bedside Table


Coffee Table, to match the TV console:


Yes, we have made this one before, it ended up being too big for the space we had. So this will also be downsized quite a big length wise to fit our space!

Here is a photo of ours, notice the red tinge, this was that homemade stain…


The plan for this table: Rustic-X-Coffee-Table


Eventually a new Dining Table:


But we have to find reasonably priced table legs first! Those suckers go for over $50 a piece! But she is beautiful! Here is the link for the legs themselves:

Osborne Wood Husky Table Leg

The great table plan: Husky Farmhouse Table


We would also like a nice bookshelf for all of my crafts


This Kentwood Bookcase was created by Ana White and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic

It is simple and beautiful, very classic! Once the living room is complete this will be on my to build list!

Here are the plans: Kentwood Bookshelf


Lastly on my list (for now, we all know the list will grow) is a Bed!


This is Ana White’s first project ever, and she is beautiful. Eventually once we move out of our apartment,I will create this bed ( I don’t want to move it if I don’t have to, HEAVY solid wood!) This is the Farmhouse bed, King size, which we will eventually get a mattress king sized (hopefully about the same time I made the bed!)

The plans: King Farmhouse Bed



So I am excited to create, build and decorate! I will keep you updated on the projects and our living room during its evolution to a livable, beautiful space!


-Love always, Katie Mae.

A Summer of Engagement.

Hello Wonderful People,

For a while there I forgot this great place even existed!  I am happy to be back and at it again. It might take some time to get back into the swing of things, a lot has happened during my time away from you.

1. I got engaged!

21 IMG_2879Just a couple of the photos from the day it happened… My fiance decided to hire a great photographer, Sabrina Clason. Check her our at:

She has also posted some great photos from our engagement photo session on her page.   Way too much fun to work with!

Which bring me to point 2…

2.  Planning a wedding (for real!)

This is not an easy thing to do, as I am quickly finding out… I have already checked off the basics




Wedding Party  Still need to ask a few girls!


And a few other small things, but there is so much more to go… Much different than my prior Pinterest board planning days!


3. Being my own wedding planner

Yes I know I just mentioned that I was planning a wedding, but truly, being my own wedding planner is taking up most/all of my time lately. As we do not live in the town we are having our big day at, it takes a lot of traveling and planning away from home. This means dragging all of my wedding planning stuff across the country (Just kidding, just halfway across a state), and trying to create a unique vision out of thin air.

I am not a witch, that is unless you ask my fiance!


4. Work

Oh the dreaded 9-5 job (or 7:30-4:30 if you are like me). This is pulling me away from the things I love to do, like quilting and planning my wedding!  The job is keeping me more then busy, but I work at a fantastic company and really love what I do (most days).  It’s a great environment to work in, I mean, who gets to workout at work whenever they want to? By taking multiple workout classes a week, like Zumba, and Yoga, I am definitely taking advantage of that little gem.

5. My Hobbies

Did I mention that I am a quilter, like Mother like daughter. I just finished a baby quilt for one of my good friends who is due to pop any day now!

IMG_20131016_220922_817 IMG_20131016_220959_259Sorry about the poor quality, I took photos last minute with my phone.

This is the first quilt I was able to complete with my brand new sewing machine, a present from my Parents after my loved (worn) machine finally broke down on me!

But it is a great new machine, I am able to quilt nicely with it, even with a minky backing, which is quite difficult to use. But I still think it came out great, a disappearing nine patch at its best, and the parents to be love it (that always helps)!



6. My Brother’s Wedding

I received an amazing gift this August,  a new sister-in-law! It was amazing to celebrate with our families and get to call an amazing woman my new sister. We got to travel out to Colorado Springs, and somehow completed the wedding between the torrential rains they experienced this last summer. It was beautiful, peaceful, and so loving!


That is two new sisters in less than a year, I am so blessed! Thank you brothers!


This is only the tip of the iceberg. It has been a crazy year for me thus far and the busiest Holiday season is yet to come! Lots of traveling in my future and hopefully some great times with the family and future family-in-law! So many blessings to even try and count on my end. Thank you all for making my life amazing! Talk to you soon!

-Love always, Katie Mae.




Future Hopes and Dreams…

Hello wonderful people!

Lately I have been obsessed with planning my wedding, although I am not engaged. Kind of like I have been since I was a little girl.

Can’t help it, I always loved planning events and like any little girl or boy, I dreamed of the day I would marry the love of my life. I believe it is more of an excitement that I will finally be able to call someone mine forever, either that or just decorating! :D

So I have been putting together decoration ideas like the one below of table and centerpiece decorations.

Anyways, I will keep planning my “hopefully” future wedding like any other hopeful girl waiting for her prince.

Just a side note, I am not crazy!

Home Dreams!

Yet again I find myself super busy to give the time I would like to you guys!

Recently, we have been looking to upgrade our nice college “furniture” for some real adult furnishings.

Sooo, I am putting together my dream home decor and posting it all on here for all to see! Get excited to see it all, I know I am.  I will start it all out with some basic pictures of styles I like. Then its lots of work on my part to figure out exactly I want!

This is a great example of my perfect home!


These are all examples of my style.

stripedlivingroom simplelivingroom simplebedroom grey&espressobedroom Casual barnwoodbedroom

I love clean and light airy colors with warm tones. Also super dark wood and white crown molding. our style is slightly rustic but contemporary and clean.

So this is what we are basing our new redecoration off of.  I can’t wait to put together more ideas and see how everything looks!

Busy New Year!

Hello beautiful people!

I have been very very busy lately, and I have had many new changes lately!  First I have been interviewing for a new job and just found out I got it!  Now it’s just time to get ready for a full time 9-5 job, I am finally in the “real world”.

Also the boyfriend and I have been traveling for the holidays as well as working on many, many diy projects lately.  I will be posting those as soon as they are finished, get excited!

rustic mirror 1

We created multiple mirrors as Christmas presents, which took up a lot of time before the holidays as we had to travel back in forth to use tools that we do not have at our apartment right now.

 Here are a few pictures of the process.

IMG_2753 IMG_2755 IMG_2763 IMG_2765 IMG_2768 IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2777 They went together so fast as we had already made one for ourselves before. The most annoying part was trying to decide how to get the mirror to stay on the back without having to cut the mirror down.

We have also been working on a coffee table that we made completely on our own!

It has been slightly time consuming as well. We will be making an end table to go with it as soon as it is finished, we only need to put on another layer of poly and buff it up!

Here is a preview of it!


We were going for a grey stain with steel wool and vinegar mixture, but it seems to have come out red instead…  I haven’t made a decision whether or not I am liking the color.

Either way, we have been super busy as I prepare for my new job and Andy heads back to classes and is applying for new jobs of his own! Stay tuned for new updates soon!

Learning to Love Red

SOOOOOO my inspiration lately has been Taylor Swift and her oh so catchy songs.

She always wears red lipstick and I have been afraid of red for years as it usually causes me to look young and plain old silly!

But I finally gave in and purchased new lipstick when getting foundation today.  It really is kinda the perfect shade for me and doesn’t really make me look super young… I don’t think anyways!

So here is my red.

Let me know what you think… am I crazy?

Burlap Christmas

So I have been hearing Christmas music since Halloween at work and finally gave in….

Yes I put my Christmas Tree up!

I am trying to keep myself from putting up the rest of my Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, but the tree is by far my favorite to decorate. I decided to go with my living room decor this year and only put up the red and white ornaments on my tree but added a little twist!   I strung burlap all around after putting up the lights and ornaments.

I think it turned out great!

The poor tree has had to withstand the terror of Cora our kitten as she plays with all of the ornaments and climbs up the tree, so it is already starting to look lopsided where she has been pulling on the burlap!

But it is still a great look, the picture doesn’t do it any justice at all!  I am hoping for a better camera one day that I can take great pictures with, but for now bear with me as I try to get the best pictures I can.

Anyways another of my DIY Christmas decorations is an awesome burlap wreath!

I made the wreath originally for a fall decoration and it looked like this.

I changed out the flowers for some holly, pine cones and bells and it suddenly became a great Christmas wreath.

Here it is on the door

So there is the start of my decorations, I can’t wait to start using more burlap and finally put the rest of my decorations up!

Target Black Friday Deals!

So Black Friday may or may not be one of my favorite days!

Even though people go crazy and shop like maniacs the day after we all are thankful for what we have, I still love seeing so many people out spending their hard earned money to boost our economy!

That would be the economics major talking there, but still I enjoy getting deals while shopping for others (and sometimes even myself, oops).  So I am working to see what great deals I can get, while I don’t have to work, booooo!

So I will share this little tidbit with you all about Target’s Black Friday deals!  All you have to do is pick out the items that you think will be on sale and they will give  you the prices for each one.  It is simple and great to see what great deals you can get this year!

So here is one of my favorite items that will be on sale, 600 thread count sheets! For only $35! What a great deal for awesome sheets, something I have been needing for quite a while now.   Take a look at these sale items and let me know what your favorite deal is!

Check it out here!

Why, So Katie Mae?

Oh hey there, I am Katie Mae!

Never guessed right?  Welcome to the blog that describes my favorite projects, crafts, style, and ideas!  I have loved style and decorating since I was able to redecorate my room on my own at three years old (I would rearrange everything on a daily basis) and have always wanted to somehow share my ideas.  This was the solution!

Ever since I decided to major in economics instead of interior design, I knew that I would use my business degree as an asset for my true passion and that is sharing my, ahem, brilliant ideas with all of you! Nah, I just wanted to be able to somehow stay happy and create amazing things through DIY and my style!

So enjoy all that I have to offer, I know there isn’t too much yet, but it will steadily grow and come to reflect everything that I am.  That is why this blog became So Katie Mae, because my friends and family always look at my projects or ideas and tell me that is “so you!“  Thus the beginning of my new project!

I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I will continually update as I come up with new ideas and force my ever so helpful boyfriend into creating more DIY greatness for our home!

-Love always, Katie Mae.